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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Meet My Friend

I have to introduce you to my friend.

You may know her already. She has been blogging since Sept 2011....same as me!!!!

The name of her blog is Peacocks and Penguins.

Peacocks & Penguins

Is it Miss Peacock? No, I think she is still in the Conservatory with Col Mustard.

Is it Miss Penguin? No, {insert witty penguin reference here}

It's Heather.

Heather is a first grade teacher in Wisconsin who has a very insightful way of looking at things.
Her blog is a very nice balance of deep thought, first grade content, appropriately placed sarcasm,  and cutie patootie units that she has created!

I think we may have crossed paths while we were both vying to be "THE CHOSEN COMMENT" on someone's giveaway- and since then, I have crossed my fingers that it would be a day she posts-
I enjoyed it so much that I went back to the beginning and just started reading! She will definitely get you thinking:)

She is like a box of chocolates....well, not a box of chocolates around this house, because then she would be EMPTY!
But she does offer quite a variety- and ya'll know how I like all that is "Nutty".

When you head over to check her out- be sure to watch the little video of why her blog has the name it does....the video is right there at the top, on the right.
If you don't already know Perry the Peacock- grab a tissue- I didn't know him when I started, and I was unprepared....just saying!


  1. Congrats on Winning Playing With Pixie Dust Giveaway

    You deserve it for all of your awesomeness

    Ms. Patterson

  2. AwwwWWW! Thanks, Staci! I don't think I've ever had so many nice things said about me all at once. I think you and I may have crossed paths in another life. Btw, have I posted about my squirrel issue? If I have and you reads it, please know that I mean no offense to you. I only dislike the little red ones living formally living in my house.


  3. Aren't you so sweet! Congrats on winning the Pixie Dust giveaway. I really really thought I was going too!! lol

    First Grade Delight


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