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Monday, March 19, 2012

My Day in Pictures

Taking lots of pictures today!!!!
Today was an awesome day for a Monday!
I woke up on time.
Everyone was ready to go ontime.
It wasn't raining.
And everyone was there today- and MATH just "clicked" for half of them today.....{different post}

Here are a few personal, squirrel family issues that I thought you might find amusing.

Chick-a-dee was told by Dr Evil Ortho that if she does not show a drastic change by the next appt, she is putting on springs.
I have never had braces, but they look and sound painful!!! AND the springs are NOT included in the almost $7000 we have already forked out!
What, might you ask, could keep her from having to get these awful contraptions- wearing her bands the way she is supposed to!

I thought I would help her to remember:

This is a note for her desk, before she goes to bed...

 This is a note to see when she wakes up...

Yes, that is me and the Chick-a-dee 14 years ago!

And a final note before  she leaves the house...

 {I know, worst mom of the year award..... but if she has to get the springs- she's "springing for it"!!!!!}

I also took a picture in my class today.
The "big wigs' are coming tomorrow...
There is much to do.
Lots to prepare.
Cross my Ts and dot my Is...

so I did this:

Ever seen one? An EXTREME Dot to Dot.....not 1-20, not 1-100

but 1-950!!!!!! It is some kind of iguana thing. Not a lizard fan, but remarkably stress relieving to just go dot-to-dot.....
no long strides,
no big picture...
just dot-to-dot.....
{hmmm... I am thinking there is some kind of lesson in there.....}

Two more things and then  you will be free to move about the blog world....{maybe three}

1. Lots of people stressing over blog buttons and making them move.
 May I suggest, make a separate page for all of your buttons. WHen you put all that html on your home pages, it makes them take a really long time to load up. If you just have a regular blog LIST from the choices on blogger- you can click "show all" and we can all still see who you recommend- alphabetically or in order of last post. It gives a direct link and a snippet.
I took all my buttons and moved them over Christmas.I find that I have less problems loading up, no matter the IP or OS.

2. Have you ever clicked Next Blog up there next to follow? Who chooses the "next blog"? and next after what? Is there a master list somewhere that we are all on? Is it random? and why does it never have anything to do with the one I just looked at?

and there is a 3.
If you havent already- get over to Staci's Let's Teach Something Blog and join our Grandtacular Giveaway!!!!
Here's to hoping my Tuesday is as good as my Monday!!!!


  1. Those notes are great! My house is covered in post it's and reminders! Yours are way cuter! Have a great Tuesday!!! :-)

  2. re: #2
    I have wondered the same thing!! When my blog was brand spanking new I clicked that button and it was scary. The "next blog" was not rated X, but it was a strong R. WHAT?!? Why is my blog next to that blog? EEEEWWWWW! I figured maybe they are alphabetical or maybe by the date we started them. Obviously, NOT by who your target audience is.
    An Open Door

  3. One of our dedicated substitute teachers ALWAYS brings those mega dot-to-dots - up to 999, for the kids if they finish- I caught myself doing one that she had left for about 15 minutes!!!!! They are fun! :)


  4. I love the squirrel with the camera...too cute!

    My kiddos love dot-to-dots...especially the tricky ones where they have to count by 2's!

    Heather's Heart


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