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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So MUCH time, so LITTLE motivation

And here I go again....
It is a little after midnight here in TN and I am AWAKE.

Baby talk at first- then Teacher Stuff at the end:)

I had a great time with the baby today! She wore me out though- with my youngest being 8 I don't have to do the baby/toddler things anymore....

When she showed up it was like I had ordered half of Babies R Us (can't make the R backwards, sorry) and had it delivered right to my doorstep.

There was a car seat
a base for said car seat
a play gym for the floor
a bouncy seat in case she doesn't like the floor
a bag full of the following:
   burping cloths
   enough clothes for a week's vacation
 and 4 blankets.

Oh, AND there was a BABY!

She is too stinking cute! She played until she was tired so Chickadee made her  a pallet and she slept for a long time.

and true to form, as soon as I dozed off on the couch for  a little snooze, she woke up.
Why do they have THAT radar?

Speaking of what they have and don't have,
The MR and I were talking at dinner and we wondered- why can't babies burp on their own?
So many things are innate. We know to suck so that we can eat. We know to cry because we feel discomfort. We know to pacify ourselves.

But we cannot get a  bubble out of our tummies to save our lives?!?!

At one point, I wondered if I was ever going to get a burp out of her and if feeding time had turned into a wrestling match) I mean, seriously- the child would not give it up. I think she was holding it in on purpose!

Now the "teacher-ish" stuff:

I did get a few things done in the last couple of days.

I got Amy's winnings from Staci's Grandtacular Giveaway mailed off yesterday.
Today I am going back to the post office to mail these file folder games to Tracy in Indiana. She is a kindergarten teacher in Henrysville who I hooked up with from the Teachers Taking Care of Teachers link. I made these my first summer as a teacher.There are 96 of them! I may have to mail them in sections.

I am also going to the bakery at Publix- enough said there.

It is going to rain today and I need comfort food whilst I lay sit on the couch and vege out diligently work on school related items!

I may or may not have been the person in the house who was eating extra slices of the key lime pie after everyone else had gone to a few family members got "slice shorted" I said- It may not have been me...
(I don't have a lawyer yet, so I am not implicating myself in the crime)!

Half of spring break is gone...{super sad face}...but that does mean that I still have half of spring break ahead of me...
{super happy face}!

I hope all who have school today- have a wonderfully productive day and those who are on break have a delightfully lazy day!

(This post was started at midnight- then the dog had to go out- (and I am almost embarrassed to say this) but I forgot I was writing a post and sat down to watch TV after I let him in. And then this a.m. I realized I had clicked publish instead of save...I really need to talk to the Dr about my attn span~!!!)


  1. I love reading your posts!! My kids are also older and I had totally forgot about the burping....I think we are intended to forget certain things so that we have more children...(although, two is plenty for me).

    Have a wonderfully lazy day!!
    The 3AM Teacher

  2. I feel the same way as your title - So much time, so little motivation. I DID leave the house yesterday, but I'm not planning on it today. 96 file folders???? WOW!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

    1. Yep- 96! and 8 Teacher Mailbox magazines...Let's hope I don't go back to K.:)
      The woman at the store (Goin' Postal) shipped it at cost- only $15 for 17lbs of materials! SHE was awesome....I told her the story!
      I just can't imagine losing everything-

      I spent like ALL Summer on those my first year....but they aren't being used~ We are trying to make plans to meet in a couple of weeks to take her a few larger things.

  3. Hello Staci!

    I hope your spring break feels longer rather than shorter!

    Bakery makes me want a Danish now! yum.


  4. You make me smile - seriously, your heart is the biggest around.

    So, can you explain to me how the Teachers Taking Care of Teachers thing works? I got the email with the spreadsheet and got lost quick. I would still like to do it - and my principal wants to help out too. Can you inbox me a "Teachers Taking Care of Teachers for Dummy {that would be me - I'm a wittle swow}. Thanks!!!!!!!!

    And seriously - that's a lot of file folders!!!!!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade


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