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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Avengers Assemble!!!

Happy Saturday!

Since we are sharing Pageant Titles-
I thought I would share my winning pageant photo-
(Keep in mind it was before the last litter):

There was lots of family time to be had today- and during that family
 I thought of you.
I even made a note on my phone- so I wouldn't forget what I was going to say tonight.

I knew there would be one thing I would not have to write down to remember-
and I am sure I have ranted about this before-
but I DETEST, lOATHE, H.A.T.E. the movie theater.
I do.

I can't stand going.
It (like most things that make me cuckoo) has gotten worse over the years.

It isn't just the crowds.
It isn't just the loudness.
The darkness.
The unknown germy-ness on the seat.
The weird stickiness on the floor.
The weird germy, stickiness on the armrest.

Nope, it isn't any of those things
(although they are good reasons)
It is the RUDENESS!
People just talk and talk and talk.
And they rattle their popcorn bags.
And they slurp their drinks.
And they HAVE to make all that noise with their HARD CANDY in the BOXES
(Whose genius idea was that??!?)

Guess where we went today?
Yep, the movies.
But I had to go- because of my boys and the fact that there is
a 12 year old boy living inside of the MR
So we had to see the Avengers.

You know how I feel about metal
and the sound it makes, right?
Let's have a short overview of the characters in this movie:

Captain America- has a metal shield that deflects other metal things.
Thor- carries a metal hammer that makes lots of noise.
and IronMan.
He's IronMan- He wears a suit made COMPLETELY out of metal.

I was not looking forward to any of it-
the theater
the people
the movie
and then I thought
"Squirrels, you are going to have to take one for the team".

Squirrel-friends meet the team.

Thor- a BEE-U-TA-FUL Man!

Captain Ahhhh-merica

Short but sexy

The New HULK....more like HUNK!!
Suddenly, the theater wasn't so bad.

In all honesty, it really was a good movie:)

After the movie- we drove an hour away
for fast food.
Not just any fast food.

If you live near one- you are so lucky!
We used to have two of them.
It was my first job- ahem...22 years

But the closest one is an hour away now.
Maybe the churros and taco bravos and potato oles wouldn't be so awesome if they were still so close.
It makes for a fun drive.
The ride home is a little uncomfortable...since we all eat WAY too much
because who knows when we will get to go back!!

I did get a little musical show on the way there.
Part of it was just plain awful-
it was the Littles, singing in the van.

Reagan serenaded me as well....she really is a rock star:)

I also got a giggle as we took pictures of strangers in passing cars.
I quit after a while because I didn't want someone to go all
road rage on us:)

We arrived home just before dark-
very excited about the Super Moon.

I thought we would have some pinterest inspired fun and
make glow in the dark bubbles.

There is apparently a delicate balance between bubbles and toxic glowing liquid
because we only got a few good glowing bubbles out of hiss...

And my Super Moon pictures turned out Super Crappy...
I guess it's a good thing we had our fun earlier
in the day.

Tomorrow is a very busy day of hiding in the office and pretending
I have tons of work so that I do not have  to participate in weekend house cleaning...
(What am I going to do when summer gets here?!??!?)

I will be in there filling my Tpt cart with lots of TAD sales!!!!


  1. I'm thinking that I'm gonna call the boyfriend (because I haven't seen him since Thursday- since I decided to drive to Smyrna after work on Friday instead of going home) and surprise him by telling him we're gonna go on a date to see the movie tomorrow.... just because you said it was actually a good movie! I know he'll be super excited.

  2. Love it! We are going today because there is also a 12 year old inside my mr. The movies have actually been good though. The eye candy isn't all that bad either ;) Thor is my favorite!

  3. Well, I guess I can take one for the team, too. Your pics had nothing to do with it. Nope. But the hubby suggested we go see it today and now I'm thinking I'll agree. :)
    I have never heard of Taco Johns. But the food looks fried and yummy!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher


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