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Wednesday, May 2, 2012



So today started like every other day.

I walked next door to my BFF with my coffee

and asked her

{are you ready}

to shave my butt.

You should have seen her face!!!
Somehow a towel made it in the wash with my favorite black slacks
and the lint roller wasn't cuttin' it! It was like stuck.
So I had to break out a razor.

And then I did what everyone does-
I asked my friend to shave the lint off of my butt-

What?! Everyone does this, right?

Uh oh.

{I may need to revisit my
Things You Don't Ask Your Friend to Do

In case you are wondering- she did it.

She loves me!

I DO NOT have the pics that I promised
of my writing portfolios....insert sad face here.

Not because I didn't do them, I just forgot to take
pictures- which is odd- because I can't do anything without taking pictures

We did have  some MaJoR Ah-ha moments in
writing today.

We were revisiting "VOICE" today
because I forgot to save a piece of work where we worked on that trait
because we are having a parent night in one week and I need something new to display
because their second grade teacher is going to expect them to use it when they write
because you can never be too excited about writing a personal experience piece!

A few of them are STILL not getting it.
I tried a few different explanations.....blah blah blah
and finally I said "How would you tell this same story to your grandma on the phone?"
and then I made that universal hand symbol for the phone
and started being goofy "Hey Granny, guess what!?!?!....."
M and I and A just TOOK OFF WITH IT!
I was so excited- I said "THat's it! That's it!"
Write it like you are saying it-
and those were some FAn-freakin'-tab-u-lous sloppy copies!!!!

Simple, free, it, love it, use it-


Speaking of love-

I rec'd my Blogger Exchange Pinterest Inspired present from Mrs. Cupcake today!!!
Isn't it adorable?
The middle is chalkboard- I haven't decided if I am going to use it as
a) Room # sign
b) the date
c) words o wisdom.....
Whatever I use it for- I will display it proudly! Thank you Mrs. Cupcake!!!

Check out my DEE-LISH-US midnight snack:
What the HECK is that???

Ever had it? My Pop Pop used to have it all the time at night- but he used Sweet Acidolphilus Milk- Yuck!
Try it some time- Sooo good!

WHAT THE HECK is that dog doing??

Mr. Truman needs a bath and a trim!
Chickdee took a pic of him in her bed yesterday-
there's a reason this lazy dog is mine-
he loves naps too!

WHAT THE HECK was she thinking?

So, karma got me...
remember the Zip Tie post?

and I was making fun of the dumb dumb dummy heads who were using them and how they got ISS?
Chickadee got written up today and got ISS for the next two days!!!

Nope- she didn't fasten anyone to any type of furniture.
She looked at her phone to check HER TWITTER ACCOUNT!!!


 I can't stand it when parents try to cover and make excuses-
she shouldn't have gotten caught had it she gets to spend the next two days in
a room with all those derelicts who have been tying people to stuff in the building!!
I told her not to sit still for too long.

The worst part is going to be the "WALK OF SHAME" when the ISS room is walked IN A LINE -to go to lunch
no one walks in a line in HS

I told her it will help build her STREET CRED when she is done doing her time!!
(Maybe we'll go get tattoos this weekend).

And I leave you with what could possibly be the dumbest squirrel in the THE WORLD -D-D-D!
Our class addiction to the Eagle Cam continues. There are archive pics. This one is from yesterday:
Where is he?
Doesn't he know eagles EAT squirrels??? Run to the FOREST RUN!!!!

Also, I won't be here tomorrow! hiss!

Don't worry though- It's because I am Guest Blogging over at Pocket Full of Kinders!!!
Make sure you come see me, so I won't be lonely!


  1. What the heck Wednesday might be the best thing that's ever happened to me!!!!

  2. OMG!!! Cornbread and Sweet Milk!! My Nana and Papa talk about it every time they have cornbread. Too funny!

    1st Grade with Miss Snowden

  3. I love the gift you got from the blogger exchange!
    Apples and ABC's

  4. I'm always in the market for a new somethin' to snack on - but I'm not sure I could stomach the texture of once perfect cornbread gone mushy in milk. Hmmmm....might be worth a try though.

    Guess what I got in the mail?!?!?!?!? Are you for real??!?! Seriously, I'm ordering a Starbucks {and it's not even Friday yet}today just because I have to use the one with the 'stache. It'll just have to elicit giggles from my teamies today...I can't wait!!!!! Thank you so much, one day you just never know what might find itself in YOUR mailbox!!!!! {because I kept your address this time...HA!}

    Hugs! Happy Friday Eve!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  5. Meeeeee tooo! I told the kids we are not having breakfast at home today kids we are going starbucks to get momma some coffee for her cozies! They totally agreed. Genius boy said, "Squirrels sent you that!?" "aaaawwwww" and my daughter set up my thermos with one immediately. They LOVE you almost as much as I do. AND I love this post SO MUCH! I think I may join you in what the heck Wednesday next week!

  6. I love your posts... reading them is the best way to start a day!

  7. You should pencil me in for 6/22 so can come visit and have my blog tutorial!!! :)

  8. omgosh! I seriously thought that was a jug of orange juice! haha!!
    I love the what-the-heck post!!

    1. I know- my kitchen is "gold" (baby poo yellow- according to the MR) and everything gets that gold/orange hue:)


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