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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Doors Open at 8am!!!!

The store opens (and closes) tomorrow!!!!
I made these fliers:

Lauren from First Grade Diaries gets all the credit for her adorable clip art!!
For ten cents each:
One book - limit 3 (one from each color bin)
Decorative Pencil holder (I am going to wrap new ones for next year)
One piece of candy- (they don't know it, but I am going to have a FLASH SALE.....flash will be from stop light timer...gum will be marked down to five cents each!!!!)

For twenty cents each:
One bracelet
One paper doll set or sport notebook
One sheet of stickers
One frog or skateboard

For twenty five cents each:
One bottle of bubbles
One sheriffs badge or bottle of nail polish
One pair of sunglasses
One colored braid/ hair extension

They will each get a flier, do some window shopping and make a list.

The price tags are currently off at the "printer's" (they are in the office and I am too lazy to go get them).
Once the tags are out, I will take more pictures

Of course I will have to take lots of shots while they are planning and shopping..
they are so excited - there could be a few of them camping out waiting for it to open!!!
This is going to be an amazing Grand Opening/Liquidation Sale....
I wonder if Squirrel-Mart is setting a record by doing both on the same day!!??

The "money" they are using is from play money that they earn for good behavior choices. Usually they spend them on wearing hats, reading to the class, show and tell, computer time...but this is a reward and a last math lesson all rolled into one!

The books I am "selling" them are books that my fabulous family and friends picked up at yard sales and cleaned out of their bookcases my first year of teaching. They are great books- but more along the lines that someone needs  to read it with them....a few of mine could do....but I need the space:)
(Oh AND my second year- a classroom mom labeled all of them for me with sharpie and SPELLED MY NAME WRONG not once- but like SIXTY TIMES!!!!!)

Tomorrow is also our awards ceremony- is the last full day:(

I am leaving you with a song tonight-
I first heard a blurb of it on the Honda Commercials- so I Googled- and found it.
His name is Smidi-
I can't put my finger on it, but it just "inspires" me.
I FEEL this song-
there are no words- just the beautiful cello.
I told the Littles that one of them has to learn how to play it!!
Watch the timer- you'll "hear" what I am talking about-
11 secs, 26 secs, 47 secs, 1:06 mins, 1:57 mins....

Have an Marvelous Monday!!!


  1. What a BLAST! I can't wait to see your kids going nutty at the store. :) I listened to the song but didn't hear the timer! I LOVE the song. I got a little knot in my throat thinking about leaving my school babies. Love your squirrel and nuts pricing sheet! LOL.

    1. I think they are going to have fun! It took me forever to make that flier- I couldn't find my clipart file...and then I found them! I was relieved- I was all like "OH! That's where I put my nuts!" and the "timer" is that line that runs across the videos on youtube.


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