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Sunday, November 20, 2011

ARGHHHH!!! (and I am not a pirate!)

Thank you to all of the new followers... I do appreciate your support in my up-rising against the Mr., but alas, our efforts were not enough... ):
It is okay though- at least there will be lots of leftovers this week and there won't be a ton of cooking on my part....and I am heading to walmart in a few to purchase many paper plates and utensils!!!

I was thinking to myself, "Self- the only thing that would be worse than having to do the kitchen by myself all week would be a root canal!" and then I thought, "Crap!!! I have a root canal scheduled the day before Thanksgiving!!!" This is going to be the worst one yet!"

I am up at the school as I type ( 11:30am on a Sunday), making sure everything is in tip top shape for my Instructional Eval on Tuesday. I am in TN where we are Racing to the Top! (insert sarcasm here) And in order to do so, there had to be many changes.....some of which included a new EVAL system...

I have never really questioned myself as far as my abilities as a teacher. I know my content, and if I have something coming up, I research it. I am extremely flexible. I am compassionate. I am energetic. I am very patient. I am professional, albeit, pretty goofy at times. But my motto is "if you make it fun, you can make it stick!" I am a leader (because they said so). I am a reflector (not the kind on the bike, but) the kind who will make changes if something doesn't work, rather than printing out last year's fiasco and crossing my fingers:).

But this new system we have in place for evaluating teachers has everyone, including me "Mrs. Confident" questioning ourselves.
When things change, it has always been my feeling that those who do what they are supposed to, should be left alone, so they can focus on those who need the guidance to make the changes necessary for their students to be successful. And if all else fails, get out the BIG BROOM and start from scratch... I almost feel like I am being punished because of someone else's mistakes.

I have never done the "dog and pony show" on an evaluation day, but, honestly, I feel like this year I HAVE to! Here's the best part. This is the first year for this EVAL system, it has not even made a complete cycle yet, and they have already made changes to it for next year, because they know it isn't working! I have a pre conference tomorrow, eval on Tuesday and post conference on the 28th. It is going to be horrible to have this over my head during the break.....maybe I will be so traumatized he will help me in the kitchen!

How nervous are you when you have an announced observation? Do you do things that you normally don't do? Do you stand there in fear that you are leaving something out?


  1. Ugh... I'd much rather have an announced than unannounced like I have in my district. The principal just pops in anytime. I think in my humble lil old opinion, that's more nerve-wracking. And then we have up to ten days to have our follow up. I'm STILL waiting for my first observation. I hate waiting for it because it always comes when the kids are awful, I'm awful, or it's ( and nothing is going right. I wish you lots of luck my friend, even though I know you won't need it!! :) Root canal? Yucky as my 2 year old would say. I wish you lots and lots of luck on that endeavor.

  2. We too are a Race to the Top District and Ohio has not got their act together in regards to the evaluation portion. We are a pilot district... ugh! I have been teaching 34 years and I am nervous too! Everyone will be evaluated 2x a year and 4 x if they up for a contract. I too feel like I will be doing a dog and pony show! Good luck my friend.. I will be thinking of you!

  3. I do not know this Race to the Top business and now I am worried that this will be something else for me to look forward to.
    After 15 years in THE SAME GRADE LEVEL, I am always a nervous wreck when I am being formally or informally observed. I don't do a "dog and pony" show anymore (and basically, with this whole fidelity thing, I'm not really allowed to go off the map) but I do feel myself taking it up a notch without even really meaning to.
    We have NEVER had a pre conference day. Interesting. And I think the timing of your eval is UNFAIR. One of our student teachers was just observed on Friday from 2:00 to dismissal. The Friday before our Thanksgiving break. That's just wrong, if you ask me.
    You will be AMAZING. Don't sweat. But definitely talk up the root canal and the stress of the eval to get your hubby to help out in the kitchen!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  4. Sorry for your brighten your day, I gave you the Sunshine Award - check out my blog for info...

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  5. I can relate. We have constant walk throughs but no one ever stays long enough to get the whole picture. And our new evaluation form that was started just halfway through last year has already had one complete makeover. but the part I find the scariest is having a really good teacher "resign" (yeah, right) because someone thought her assessment scores weren't high enough. Here is the part I don't understand - how can you compare teachers by the assessment scores unless you have cloned classrooms because that is the ONLY way you could even hope to get a clue. we have fairly small classes so these numbers may seem small but my class two years ago had 0 high ability students, 5 students with sped ieps in place for math and reading, 5 students who received title 1 services and 3 ell students and I was ranked right along with another teacher who had 8 high ability students and 1 sped,no ell, no title. Just how does that work anyway? anyway, I am sure that if you continue to do what works for the kiddos you will be doing a wonderful job!

  6. I'm so sorry about the root canal! Our sytem sounds so much like yours with the new evaluations. I have mine the second week we go back. Luckily we have a wonderful principal and she has been really great in trying to help us preapre. Wishing you all the best! :)


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