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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Was Destined to be a Squirrel (and a Freebie)

thank you all so much for your yay-hoos and "hollas" on my eval and my door! You are all so sweet:)

Update on Red and her door-mates.....they still do not have legs! They are creepy floating ghosts! I was going to get it done this morning while my boys were making CHA CHING from me over the paper....but I got cornered by "HER". You know who it is, that one precious colleauge whom everyone tries to NOT get caught up with when you have something important to do.....or when you have to pee really bad and you have 3 minutes til you pick up your brood, or when you just aren't in the mood!
"She" is in every school, we all have one ...bad news ladies....if you can't think of who "she" is in your's you! Just kidding!!!!

Anyhoo...."she" consumed my morning, so Red and the crew "hovered" on the door all day!( I hope they can "land" tomorrow.)

I rec'd  an apology letter from "--------" this morning for the glasses. And she returned them..... Although she returned them in the wrong order, so he was unable to read the letter!  ha ha ha BUt then he did AFTER he got his glasses back!


I had a couple of ladies ask me about that reflection letter that was in a post and a couple of emails asking me to elaborate on my behavior chart that I am so thankful I am putting that up here. The images are from Microsoft Office 2008 that came with my Mac, I cannot take credit for the clipart....but I do take pride in the way I used it .

Yes, my final product IS large....but you could modify it if you like it. And could really switch it up. The reason I created mine as large as I did (in the I am so THankful Post) was because it accentuated the positive part of everyday being new, being able to talk about what has happened, taking ownership for their own actions....the list goes on.....I am attempting to link and add from google doc:

Behavior Reflection Letter
Weather for WIndows

For the reflection letter...if a child is anything other than "sunny" by the last hour of our day.....he or she completes this. The blank after "Today was_________" is filled with their weather for the day! and then you can understand the rest I am sure.....(and there are some who only write 1 letter, ever)

And now for something so amazing, I mean really, I am posting so late because I have been on the phone telling everyone about this!

(You will be fortunate enough to get the short version)

I was in a box in the office closet that has not been opened since we moved here 8 years ago.(the box, not the closet) I kind of knew what was in it....some of the junk precious memories from my attic in the old house that had once been in my  parent's attic that they insisted I remove forever ago.....
The box was in my way because I was looking for something else, and if you read my previoius post, I have the attn span of a gerbil, so I started going through it.

My rattle, my Baby Beans doll and my diaper stacker (yes they made those 38 years ago) were in the box. This is my diaper stacker:
It is has only been in the box FOREVER. Can you see the design? Let me zoom in for you (you are going to FREAK OUT!)

I WOKE THE MR UP AND MADE HIM LOOK AT IT! I still can't believe it! Almost 40 years ago, my mom was in store in GA and saw this and bought it! IT'S MISS SQUIRRELS!!!!!

I just can't get over it!  I joke about the name all the time, but this is just nuts (pun intended)!

I tried to show and  tell a very groggy Mr Squirrels how we were just meant to be! but he asked me to turn the light out and not forget to set the coffee pot up for the morning.......

I am taking it to school tomorrow and showing it to my class and my team....and then I am going to probably end up paying one of the boys to make legs for the people on my door!



  1. That story made me laugh! Your posts always make me laugh actually! Thanks so much for sharing your Behavior Reflection Letter. I'm definitely going to modify it for my class and behavior management. This is a huge help! Thanks again!

  2. You are very welcome! It was my first Google Docs upload....something happened in the transfer and the format is crappy....but the idea is the same:)

  3. She even has a bow in her hair! That's incredible. I mean how special is that!!!??? LOVED hubs reaction. classic.


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