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Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Look! New Button! Same ole Chatter!

Hello my stuffed bloggy friends!
I ate entirely too much....and it took w-a-y too long! I could only chew on the left side of my mouth! But I suffered through the pain and made sure that I was able to eat as much as I could!(This is me after I finished eating) har har!

I did get out of the kitchen though....because of the "throbbing" really did hurt kind of REALLY BAD! (I'm such a stinker!)

We went around the table and my beautiful children made me cry! We do the "what are you thankful for" around the table before anyone can eat. Each of them was very serious and sweet and everyone was thankful for family.

Now I don't want to assume anything, but after dinner, we all go through the Black Friday ads and the children let the rest of the family know what is on their list....I am wondering if they have made the connection from "I'm so thankful for YOU" to "BUY ME THIS!!!" (They are definitely my children!)

You may have noticed the new look! I was surfing last night and found this wonderful blog!
I REALLY liked the red,black, and white that I had before, but it was a scrapkit and I had to change the html and css codes all the time....and I started confusing myself! This template was free and I purchased the embellishment kit for the low, low price of $.75! I think the main seller for me was this:
ADORABLE! This is my absolute favorite dessert for lunch! I joked just the other day that if all this pressure we are under doesn't change, I want to get a job at the hostess factory and I want to be in charge of putting the little swirlies on top of the cupcakes!!!! I bet that is a stress free job!

Anyway...the MR has a big football game to watch today and then he has to get all the Christmas stuff down from the attic. During the holidays, I change the ringtone for him to "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch".....He takes the boxes out of the attic and he puts them back, but he does not participate at all in the decorating!

He says it is because I am too picky about where the ornaments go on the tree....I know you will side with me on this, you cannot have two of the same ornament right next to each other!!! And you have to spread stuff out! Last year I compromised and waited until they went to bed to move them around.

One thing I am dreading though is the Elf on the Shelf!

A relative bought him for a us a few years ago...and the elf (who they named Gary) has to be in a different spot each morning, so you know that he left, reported to Santa, and came back.....The story and the elf are cute! But I can't remember to move that $^#*% thing every night! (One time my oldest son asked if the Tooth Fairy had an email address because it had been two weeks and his tooth was still on his headboard!!!).....

I am seriously considering hiding Gary and then have him write the family a friendly letter telling them that he was homesick and decided to stay in the North Pole, but not to worry, he'll still put in a good word for them!

Do you have any "traditions" that you secretly wish you could get out of?....Come on, we promise not to tell anyone!!!!

Enjoy your next two days off!


  1. Love your new look!
    But ummmm...when I put your button on on my blog, it sent me to Blogging with Amy....not your blog.
    check it out -
    The Teachers' Cauldron

  2. Love the new look!!!!
    I hate teeth pain -- I feel very bad for you!
    No kiddos here so no crazy traditions to uphold in this household. We have a nice tradition of ordering pizza, opening a bottle of wine, and watching Christmas Vacation, Elf, Fred Claus, or The Santa Clause. Or all 4. Ha! :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. I LOVE your new look!! So darn cute!! I hate teeth pain, too, and unfortunately I have two that are bothering me so I'd better get to the dentist. Ugh! We had a shelf elf growing up, but my parents never moved it around! I guess they nixed that idea! The only tradition I can think of is that my Dad always made us take turns opening one gift at a time, starting from youngest to oldest. It was such a pain when we were younger but I grew to appreciate it.

    Teaching First

  4. Forgot tooth money a few nights and told my youngest the tooth fairy must be on vacation. No mother of the year award for me! Elf is in my classroom and I ALWAYS forget to move the bleepin' thing! I blame the kids "someone must have touched him" because that ruins the magic. No teacher of the year award for me! I bought an elf unit at TpT and am resolving to do better this year! Love your new look. Just started following.
    2B Honey Bunch

  5. Ok..I know you saw you are new to blogging...but I see ZERO proof. I am new to blogging..and when I say new...I am NEWWWW....bottom of the Totem, scraping the bowl...newby. Anyways...I am going to be following you, I love all of your posts already.
    2nd Grade Paradise


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