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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Tape...

So they walked in this morning, and other than a few "She really did it!" comments, there wasn't too much said about it!
It doesn't look horrible. I am going to have to buy a few new baskets for the community crayons, but really that's all that has changed.
After reading (small group) I always have them put their reading books into their that they books have to live in the backpack, it has a better chance of getting home!
And I made these labels for the banker's boxes. Inside of these are the writing journal and math problem of the day journal. But I will only have half of the class up because I can say "If your number is odd....even....if your ladybug is facing right....left....."and whoever goes, will get their partners as well. It took awhile this morning, but they have to get the hang of it....I can't look at those desks anymore!!!

Too funny though, my neighbor's children were lined up to head to the library, and when we opened our door to head out to PE, one of hers said "LOOK! SHE REALLY DID IT!" So I guess now I am being used as an example of what will happen if you don't have your desk clean!

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  1. Thanks for posting pictures!! I love your boxes with the number system! What a great idea to get them by odd and even, etc!
    Teaching First


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