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Monday, November 14, 2011

I think I finally cracked

I have been threatening to do it since my first year in first. I said "You watch, I'll do it!" I'm not scared of any repercussions...I have the super power of reason on my side!!!!

SO....what did I do? (It is going to sound crazy when I type it. I may even delete because it is so crazy!)

I TAPED THE FRONT OF THEIR DESKS! It is like 20 little CSI crime scenes in there because no one will be able to get into their desks when they return to school tomorrow.
I want tables so I am now treating my desks as if they were tables!

I also took away their pencil boxes! And everyone has a cute red cup (that I hot glued to the desks) for pencils, scissors, and one dry erase marker...that's it!

Crayons, writing journals, math journals, white boards, all of it has a nice home in the room....
I just couldn't take it anymore! I tried the desk fairy....and I am a no food room- so that was a bust!

It's like the Bermuda Triangle in some of those desks! I found papers crumpled in the V E R Y back that were from the first week of school! And then there were some papers in one......I DONT EVEN REMEMBER HAVING THAT STUDENT!!!!
I think them having a place to stuff stuff is the equivalent of us buying those HUGE purses and then complaining because we can't find our chapstick down at the very bottom...echo...echo...echo..

It is clear shipping can't really tell until you get right on it....we'll see.....I guess I will have the camera out in the a.m. to see their reactions!!

I have heard of cutting showerboard to make a table top and turn a group of desks into a table.....has anyone ever seen that work????
I am really close to asking each family member to buy me a white table from Sams as my gift this year!!! (But they would still have to buy me something that is for me, personally, I am just that greedy!!!) Okay, not really greedy, I just don't want to be a sad squirrel on Christmas morning when everyone else has presents and I just have a place to sit.....:)
Happy Monday!


  1. That's hilarious. Don't feel bad, I once had a group of kids that wouldn't stay in their I put a thin piece of tape across the that whenever they wanted to get up, they had to open it (the tape) like it was a door! I look back and sort of shutter...even though it wasn't "bad"...I'm sure it probably looked pretty weird though. It ended up not working very well anyway, the kids liked it and just goofed around with their make shift doors- opening, closing,...tangling up the tape! Not good! lol
    First Grade Blue Skies

  2. They were shocked! I will post pictures of where everything ended up...

  3. I have tables and I just LOVE them! I have table leaders who go get the tubs for each table when we need their journals and folders. It works really well and it really keeps down the mess. The only drawback is that it takes just a little more time to get things distributed. I can't wait to hear how they react to your tape!
    Teaching First

  4. I have played around with the idea of just turning all their desks around. So there's no chance of them getting inside at all. But I haven't done it. This year, my class does really well but I have had experiences like you described. Please tell us what happened!! :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  5. Last year I used bungee cords from Dollar Tree and zipped those desks together! That kept them from hopping around the room. :)


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