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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Support team?

Good evening, muchachas!

Does your school have a support team? Maybe it goes by another name, but it is a group of teachers who meet and discuss ways to help individual students who are struggling. We have to fill out what we call "The Blue Folder" and you recommend that the team meets to help you. (Sort of like a "tribal council" for 7 year olds- "cept we aren't allowed to vote anyone off). So you go through the hoops and red tape and you do all you can to see if "testing" is an option for one of your sweeties.

We do.

And I think I am going to  recommend myself. I am going to have one of my neighboring teachers fill out a "blue Folder" on me and  put myself out there so they can meet and decide if I need further testing.I have seriously lost my seriously- it's gone...if you come across it, please put it in the nearest mailbox and it will be returned to the owner!

We are supposed to decorate our doors for AR kickoff week...I have no problem with that- Our grade level voted (actually, I felt slightly bullied into the idea, but on paper it looked like a vote) and we are all doing Red Hen or GIngerbread Man, Three Little Pigs, etc....I chose Red Riding Hood.

My door is the door that all 900 children (and teachers) see EVERYDAY because I am the door right across from the cafe where they all line up to go I always feel a little pressure when it comes to my displays and I end up making a ton of work for myself!

It started out simple enough....found some cute pics, and I thought "Hey , it will be cool if I don't color it, but instead layer it with colored construction and scrapbooking paper for depth and dimension."

OMG! Then I thought "Hey, what if it is all 3-D-ish and stands out from the wall!"

Then I thought "Hey, this closet with my construction paper in it is a MESS! I can't start a project like this until I straighten it up...

so I pulled all of it out.

Holy Crapazoli, Batman! It is 3:30pm what are you thinking?!?!?!

And then I thought, "Hey, why are there sooooo many different shades of these colors.....I can't start until I have organized them!"

Good Gravy! Why are there so many shades of orange!?!?! (It is now 4:30pm)

And then I thought "Hey, dummy, this has to be finished by Friday, you have a Math test to create, a Data Chat tomorrow, you have to type up the minutes from the Leadership Meeting this morning, you are in charge of Secret Santa, (and so on and so forth....) SO GET ON THE BALL LADY AND QUIT THINKING SO MUCH!"

So this is the pic that I took at 8:00pm tonight:

Almost done, when I go in in the morning, I have to make feet and a few flowers for the bottom.

(Pay special attn to the little guys at the Woodsmans feet)...hee hee!
The Mr asked where the "paw print" was bc it looks like Blue's house.

Then I thought Red's Basket of flowers looked dopey so I sat down and made these:
Very cutie patootie....and not too difficult after I made 15 of them that looked like doo-doo!

 And when all of that was done I had to clean up that huge mess that was on the floor- but before I could start I thought "Hey, I should check my email!" (Dumb idea! I am going to copy and paste the actual words that were in an email from a parent):

Hi Mrs. Squrriels,
I wanted to know if the glasses "-----" brought home from school were actually hers?  She said she got them out of the treasure box, but she was acting so sheepish about it that I thought maybe she took them from a class mate or something.
I just wanted to make sure they were truely hers b/c if they are not then some poor kid can't see and "---------" is stealing which will have to be dealt with.
Really? They are prescription glasses!!!!!!! Why would I have prescription glasses in my treasure box?!??!?! I'm getting low on funds, but geesh!

At this point it is getting closer to nine, I am pooped, my room is a  mess, there is a child out there tonight who cannot see, and none of the characters on my door have feet.... I decided that I was done for the day. 

I wrote back the mom, put a sign on my door that said "project in progress- no need to vacuum tonight", locked my door and came home. And then I showed the picture to my boys and bribed them both ($5 each) to put all that paper away in the morning. I made a cup of coffee, put on my slippers and logged into my bloggy world.  
And quite frankly- I no longer care if my oranges are mixed up....!


  1. Dear Staci,
    I think maybe we were identical twins separated at birth. Cleaning out the paper sounds like me. Continuing to come up with such clever ideas to make a project even more fun sounds like me. Spending HOURS on a simple (supposedly) project long after everyone else has gone home sounds like me. Yep. Identical twins separated at birth. There is no other way to explain it.
    An Open Door

  2. It looks so cute! and I can totally relate to the staying late making more work for yourself part :)

  3. First and formost...your classroom door is sooooo cute! Now the organizing the paper business before you get started on a project...that is soooooo me. I am terrible when it comes this that. I can't cook dinner if there are dishes in the sink. I can't start a load of laundry until the completed laundry is all put away. I can't start a second scrapbook page until the "leftovers" from the first page are put away. I believe my doctor labeled it as OCD. don't need a blue folder. I just diagnosed you! Don't my opinion...we are the normal people! Everyone else is crazy!

    :) Ann

  4. Yep! I can so relate. A simple job that will take most people an hour at the most takes me foreeeever to finish. There are just so many obstacles that get in the way. My co-teacher has a name for me but I probably should just wait and post about that on my own blog one of these days. I'm thrilled to know that I'm not the only one that creates more work for themselves as they do an easy project. I'm loving you more everyday. :-)

    First Grade Delight

  5. Of course your door is cute (as I was reading I thought ... oh, oh, oh, I'm going to have to ask her to post a pic, we have to do this same thing in March for March is Reading Month...I'll steal her idea). Then I scrolled further and realized there is no way in H&** I can do what you did...holy toledo that's cute!!!!! Way to rock it out, chickaroo.

    But honestly...the rest of the post (aside from artistic abilities) is SO TOTALLY ME!!!!!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  6. wow!!! you put so much work into it! It lloks amazing!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  7. Oh my goodness! I think what we all need is "Response to Intervention " aka RTI - ours is a purple folder! I hear you girlfriends! I laughed, and laughed, and laughed, as this is so me too! I then had to read it to my husband who also ROFL and said.. that sounds like you! I do not have any artistic talent and I think what you did was absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing your story with us! There is interventions for us somewhere.. but I really think it is a part of our job description that is not included!

  8. I totally get you. Completely. You are not alone.
    CUTE CUTE CUTE door!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher


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