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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Coffee, Crafting, and Contests

(The alliteration in the title was for Ms Chrissy B- Holla!)

Yawn! Stretch! (Cue peaceful Music)

I am sooooo tired!
I worked soooo hard today.
Guess what I did-


I mean, I took NOTHING to the EXTREME!!!

I got out of the bed at 6pm to start my day- no joke-
I did get up once to go and eat a bowl of cereal- but there was nothing except sports on the Tv
and all the Littles were occupied with something else-
so I figured that I was not needed and took off back to the back!

The downside of this is- it is 11:43pm and I am not in the least bit tired.
Not even drowsy.
Of course I had lots of coffee after dinner-
because the Mr found this at the grocery store today-
Heaven in my cup? I'll take two, please!
Normally I am a mocha, sometimes pepperminty, every once in awhile rasberry-ey gal, but this is yummy and partially to blame for me blogging at midnight!

I have my bud here-
He's like me - "NO PICTURES PLEASE!" so he was hiding,
I thought the hiding was cute so I snapped a few more...
I think I made him mad:
He leaned up for a sec, gave me a dirty look, and then left- pardon me for wanting to capture your cuteness!

I am in the midst of making envelopes for all the centers I have acquired.

I am also going to take a break from that in a moment and try decoupaging the front of this sterilte rolly drawer- I will be sure to take pics and you will see if it works-
Sometimes i pin something because I think it is totally AWESOME and then I try it and it is not so AWESOME after all.
Not because the idea wasn't great,
I just didn't do a great job at it!
I have to remind myself that just because "cutesy chick" pinned it- doesn't mean she has done it yet-
I think everyone should have to pin their attempt at the stuff they pinned- then I wouldn't feel so bummed when
what i am working on turns into  a large pool of gooey gooness that can't be used for anything!
(that is when I go back and delete the pin......hee hee)

But rest assured, ladies, if I can do it- you can do it!
So we'll see!

Speaking of things I can do
(were we speaking of that? well we are now)

I think i am going to open an Etsy shop!
I have to wait though- because in a world.... (sounds like a movie trailer IN A WORLD......)
ahem... in a world where phonics can be tossed to the wayside- I am not exactly sure how to say it!
Know what I mean?
Is the e short? is it long?
How am I supposed to say it?

(There was once a first grader in our building named- and I am just repeating what I heard- I wasn't there-
Abcde- yes was pronounced you see my trepidation when trying to say the name of the shop)

Anyhoo- remember these?

They are fun to make and they make me giggle- so I am thinking about selling kick it off.....I might have to do a little give away...I am only a few followers away from 300........we'll see...

On other news-
Chickadee says  I should have a contest for my new do-
Since I am getting a blog makeover (in the excited)
I should makeover me too. (As long as the appointment gets made...ahem.... smiley face)

This is my canvas- what I have to work with-
these are looks I have had most recently
About three and a half years ago. I was very blonde
About two years ago- the MR called it my Captain Hook Days (natural color)
about 2 months ago at Easter (natural color)
I can't make it longer, without extensions- probably not going to happen-
but I can always change color and cut  and I have always had the attitude that "It's just hair- it will grow back"

I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday and if you are heading back to work tomorrow (with or without) sweeties- I hope your day is a grand one~ !


  1. I'm pretty sure the E in Etsy is short... I used to say it with a long E but then I heard it on the radio or something!!

  2. Your posts always make me smile:) If I drink coffee after dinner I am up all night!! I am up now, because it is only 8:30ish here in Hawaii:) I have to tell you I scoured your blog today to figure out how you organize your centers, and found your guest post. Now I have to get my centers organized, I have no more excuses:) I think you look great as a blonde;)

    <a href=">Surfin' Through Second</a>

  3. Cracking me up again!!! I totally think you should open an E shop!! I don't know how to say it either....if you think about it, it's kinda awkward......I say long E....sounds much cuter than short E. Short E sounds weird.....why do that????

    I had a stinkin Starbucks (it was great, just don't have them that often) yesterday afternoon and was still flying last night!!!! Scary!

    Can't wait to see your projects:) I started a Made It Monday post yesterday to keep me focused this summer and think I'm gonna turn it into a linky....have had several requests:)

    Your dog is a hoot!!

    Hmmm...your makeover.....I like the blong too!! I'm in the middle of a makeover too!!! I would be like your dog if you tried to snag a pic of me right now!!! LOL! I'm growing my hair's a little longer than shoulder length...just had it colored....have too many little gray hairs....why???????? I've been running too.....lost 25 pounds....have like at least that to go.....can't believe it has taken me till I'm in my 40s (late 20s lol) to start to get my butt into shape:////// Again I ask why???????

    Hope you have another relaxing day today:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. That was AWESOME! I want to see the sterilite boxes. I have 5 to do. I think it is Eeee tsy. But I heard Hadar say it et sy. Not sure....

  5. I think it is ET Sy....phonics rules - you can't start a syllable with ts, but you can end it with it, making that a closed vowel, so it'd be Eh, not ee...even if you did it ET/SY, it's still a short
    Sorry, I teach 95% to my low kids and they go into ALL sorts of phonics
    p.s...SOOOOOOOOo glad you're opening a shop!!! You totally need to :)
    And, I hope this doesn't hurt your feelings, but I like you as a blondE!
    I was supposed to go to work today as a post planning, but my baby girl B is still sick and I'm not leaving her - nope...sorry, ain't gonna do it - but I'll go in either thursday or Friday.
    ♥ Jen
    The Teacher's Cauldron

  6. Oh my word! I want to find that International Delight creamer NOW! I am enjoying the Cinnabon creamer but Heath bars are my favorite candy bars in the world - next to Take 5s. I'm on a mission.
    I think you're adorable - no matter the color! :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  7. Love your coffee cozies! I'm in trouble if I drink coffee in the evening, but I do love it.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  8. So nice to put a face on my squirrely friend!! Let me know how Etsy goes (short e) because I've thought about it myself... I just don't know if I can deal with shipping!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  9. Oh, no, no, no - okay, are you into iced coffee? You have GOT to try the International Delight Iced Coffee. Seriously?!! As good as, if not better than any iced coffee you can buy - anywhere!

    Short e - like elephant

    You're the cutest!!!!


    Have I told you how many compliments I get on my coffee cozies? Every single time my coffee cup sports one, I get a comment. Even the gal from 7 Eleven {I know - their coffee stinks - but somehow your cozy made it better} commented on how cute it was!!!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade


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