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Monday, May 7, 2012

A Little Classroom Management and a Mother's Day Wish


As of this moment- there are 11.5 days of school.
(10.5 for me- all of the Littles have dentist appts in the am- so I will be enjoying my time at home after I  drop them off at school)

This is going to be a BAH-IZZY week-

I have so much going on
(in my head)
that I can't think straight.

I went in this evening to get things ready for my substitute tomorrow.
I should have taken a picture of the table
with all of the stuff set out and all of the directions-
seriously, it is almost worth one of them
having a cavity...

Only kidding!
With all I have gone through with my grill????
NO ONE is missing a check-up!

I was in there and my eye caught this red box-
no, not that red box- although that would be awesome.

It is a red box that all the children in my room and all the children
in my neighbor's room fear!
It is frightening!
They have nightmares about it...

it IS just that awful- especially when you are 6 or 7.

What is this box? It is....

Have you ever seen one? 
Well don't get your hopes up about seeing a real one tonight- because
I didn't have my camera when I thought about posting it. So I made this little demo box.

When I started spending more time with my neighbor teacher (6 years ago),
she had this in her room.
 I had Never Ever seen one before, but she explained it to me.

If I tell you once to put it away ("it" being a toy that you are not supposed to have)
you better put it away and then you can take it home.

If I have to tell you again, it is going in the Never Ever Box. And if it goes in the 
Never Ever Box- you will NEVER, EVER SEE IT AGAIN!!!!

I never made my own Never Ever Box. And I think it works out well for me.
If we have rings from cupcakes- blarg!- 
or a large quantity of something that is really distracting us-
all I have to do is poke my head around the corner and
ask to borrow if for a minute
and you better believe that whatever was a problem, is a problem no more!

Now if it is something electronic or expensive, we handle it differently-
but that box is getting should see the looks on their
faces when I shake it and you can hear all the stuff rattle inside!!!

(And if you are reading this, BFF Neighbor Teacher, you need to get your butt in gear and get your blog started! )

Ya'll are gonna love her!!! She is full of great ideas!


I went shopping today for all of the ingredients for the presents my firsties are making for their moms this week.
It is from a unit designed by my buddy, the very talented Reagan.. at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits.

You should check it out- you are going to love her ideas! We are going to be making the scrub this week. 

While I was out, I very blatantly nonchalantly had the MR walk by MY wish  for Mother's Day.
It is like toile on the seat and that thingy over the chain- cute!
I know what you're thinking
"Squirrels can't ride bikes!!!"
Whatever- I have seen them water ski before!!!
I have my fingers crossed! 
I think my two younger Littles would love to 
have me go bike riding with them.

I tried it once with ChickaDees bike-
but the seat of her 375 speed bike
and my boo-tay did NOT like each other.

This bike has 1 gear-
it's called PEDAL.
OK, 2 gears- After you Pedal for awhile
you use gear #2- it is called STOP PEDALING. 
({I don't like complicated}.

What are you wishing for this Mother's Day?

I also want a pretty basket for the front:)

I don't know what I would put in the basket- but I think I need one.

I also need to go to bed- because I still have to get up and get ready:)


  1. That bike is a great idea! Although, it's already 90+ degrees here in Oklahoma so I doubt I would ever leave my air conditioning to ride one!

    That Never ever box is a cute idea - but I would totally back down and give second chances and then there would be no fear because the box would be perpetually empty. I am too much a softie for "never ever" lol! I do make parents come in to pick up items their child doesn't put up after the 2nd chance though.

    Hope all the littles have good dentist appointments! I have to take my 4 in right after school is over! That's one loooong day in the dentist's office I tell you!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

    1. I do have one student this year who has a section in my desk drawer called "Things Your Dad Has to Drive to School to Pick Up"
      It grows constantly. Dad does not like coming to school:)

    2. Wow! I need that box. ASAP! I hate those dang trinkets that they always seem to magically find.....the ones that re-appear out of thin air after you watch them put them in their book bags...


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