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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WHAT THE HECK? Wednesday

Great Googly Moogly!

Three full days and one half day left.
Tomorrow is a "regular" day. Friday is Field Day. Monday is awards day. And Tuesday they are dismissed at 11:20am.

I was going to be excited-
 I was going to cheer-
but today
three of them had the light bulb go off that I am not their teacher next year
and that they might not be in the same class....sad face

WHAT THE HECK's up with the tears?!??!?
Not fair.
At all.
I am not supposed to be so sad that they are leaving.
(Not this sad)

Other things that made me say WTH???


This is just the first load!
I took this job because I am supposed to have summer's off!!!!!
(Totally kidding....don't you hate when someone says "Oooo.....banker's hours AND summer's have it sooooo easy!"
I have a lot of organizing to do-
thanks a lot blogging buddies!!!!
I have centers to print, stickers to organize, I am 'Binderizing" this summer too!


This is just ONE filing cabinet drawer that I need to purge.
It is all K material.
I emailed my Teachers Taking Care of Teachers teacher in Indiana-
If she would like it, I am going to send it to her
(Think I could slip  a Little in there?)

OOOOOO....I've just been inspired...
I'm going to start a
Teacher's Children Blogger Exchange!!!!
Except, when you send your Littles off, you DON'T get
anything in return!!!!
(Quick- 3am Teacher, make a graphic...Caitlyn, get on the emails, Jen R. plan some lunches, Mrs. Cupcake- get some crafting stuff ready, and Reagan- you are in charge of the video diaries they will keep!
Don't make that would only be for a week....or two.....or two and a half...
Just keep in mind that ALL of my Littles can load/unload the dishwasher and can fold and put away laundry-
You should TOTALLY let that influence your decision....hee hee

I digress,


I am doing Reagan's One of a Kind Elmer Book Study....
Elmer was my Oldest son's FAVORITE book!
The MR and I used to play rock, paper, scissors to find out who DIDN'T have to
read it to him at night because it we had to read it EVERY NIGHT when we tucked him into his
little toddler car bed
and he knew the story by heart-
so you couldn't skip ANYTHING.....BLARG!

When I told that story to my class-
they giggled.
And when I began reading....
Elephants young, elephants old, elephants tall and short, fat and thin. All were different but all were happy and almost all were the same color. All except Elmer.
I started bawling like a baby.....(Tara knows what I'm talking about)

THis is his last year at our elementary.....insert red, splotchy, sad, crying face here.

After I calmed down we were able to get working:

The more glue, the 'shinier" it will be when it dries.
Good thing these three ride the same bus...I couldn't get them "unstuck".

I am one of a kind because I am smartest kid in the whole entire class and I like to read chapter books.

I am one of a kind because I am a good man and kid. The End.


In the front yard of our school....she has 3 babies and their little booties are so chubby and they waddle when they walk....I want one!

The same night that I took this picture (Monday)
we went to dinner across town....
what do we see out our window
See her? right in the middle?
She has 5 babies!!!! 
I think someone needs to have a parenting class for these little guys- don't they know what causes that?

and finally

Have you looked at the Eagle Cam lately?
They are freakin' huge!
and earlier today-
Mean Ole Momma, Daddy, and Huey, Louie, and Dewey were all in there....
That would be like my whole family living in my guest bathroom (except we wouldn't have to 
poo over the edge of our house, we could just use the toilet) hee hee

Well it is my night to have "kitchen".....BLARG- When the heck are they going to invent
disposable kitchens?!?!?!?!?


  1. Hi Staci:
    That was MUCH better reading than the chapter they assigned for the PD workshop.
    Loved those Elmers and all of the wildlife sightings too!
    Thanks for the enjoyable "off-task" moments before that wretched chapter puts me to sleep.
    By the way, I still have three WEEKS left!
    Enjoy your count-down...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. I am ON The video diaries BUT I am also shipping out my not so littles so they can't have my phone for video diarrhea...oh I mean diaries. I was thinking about those birds hanging over the nest.
    I am going to send you a picture of a nest of baby birds. It is on the wreath on my FRONT DOOR. I can't use my front DOOR. If I do I risk losing a nest full of birds. My husband forgets and momma bird rushes at his head and he freaks. Ok...sorry I am off topic.

    I think we blogged at the same time. I am pretty sure we share a brain at this point. Oh and your kids are a bit CRAY CRAY about glue. But your Elmers came out WAY cuter than mine did!!!
    love you like a GIANT BEAR...

  3. Love those elephants!! And am I to blame for the sticker organizing?? I'm SORRY!!! {unless it wasn't me lol}
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

    1. I'm such a blame shifter, eh?
      It makes so much sense though:) I just need to be able to say "Mrs. Cupcake SAID we HAVE to do this" when it is time for chores or something:)

  4. Wait a minute...if your Littles are preprogrammed to load and unload the dishwasher AND fold and put away laundry why would you want to send them away?! Wait...forget I typed that...what I mean is..."I would love to exchange my littles for yours!" I'll have mine boxed up and sent over first thing in the morning!

    Has your husband had "the talk" with you yet? I just got mine. "Honey, I'm not trying to be mean, but are you going to be bringing all of your teacher stuff back to the house again this summer?" "Umm..yeah that was kind of the plan." "Do you think maybe you could keep it neat and organized and if I give you space in the garage can you make sure it doesn't overflow into my space?" " problem, that was my plan." Poor delusional dear, he knows my stuff will be all over the place this summer but for some reason he keeps thinking I'll change....

    My chickens went home to the farm today - I almost cried but luckily my kiddos took care of that for me. I would totally go for a groundhog, but my mean old principal won't let me have pets with fur!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

    1. Tonight I will post a picture of where all that crap went- but i would like it duly noted that THEY invaded MY workspace with the big screen and the they are just going to have to deal with it:)
      Our resource teacher has chickens who are supposed hatch on the 21st- yikes! we get out on the 22nd.

  5. LOL!!!! My stupid crying is almost daily!!! Everything seems sad to me....or at least that is how I am looking at it!! Hormones!!! That must be it!! Ok...I know I know I should know this....where the heck do you live??? Groundhogs????? They are super cute! My teens would lose their minds and want to catch one for a pet and name it and, and, oh my!!

    I'm quite sure the back of my suv will look like yours....I just haven't planned that far in advance yet. :/

    When you get done with your To Do list, send it my way....then that's one less thing I have to do!! Lol!

    Happy day girl!

    p.s. (long one...) Do you remember last week??? Thursday....well I think you had commented on my blog and then I replied from my phone cuz I was at you remember (if you're me, no, that's why I'm asking you....) anywho, I had a conference that morning...then my phone went off....after the conference was done, we were actually just chatting cuz this mom lives by me...I peeked at my phone....and saw a smiley face. Did you send me a smiley face after I responded to you??? Do You remember? Cuz I didn't know who it was from....and I chuckled and the mom said what? and I said I got a smiley face and I have no idea who it's from.....and she said stalker!!! Please tell me it was you so I can add your namey poo to my phone and then I won't worry about stalkers.......LOL!!! Just spaztic me:)

    4th Grade Frolics

    1. I am in TN and it could have been me:) My area code is 931....see if that helps with the detective work:)
      Get your kids over here, we'll back up the SUV to the giant bush and we'll catch us some groundhogs!!!! I'll be the getaway driver:)

    2. haha, Do squirrels and groundhogs get along??


  6. ha!! I will say that I don't think I've ever cried att he end of the year! Am I stone cold or what?!!
    I'm ready to make lunches!! :)
    And I love doing Elmer!! He's always in the beginning of the year for me :)

    1. Everyone (family/friends) thinks I am a harda**- but I have a very emotional first week of summer. My first year I ended up in the ER with a headache that was soooooo bad from all the crying! I was actually dehydrating!! I don't know why the sweeties make me lose it. The MR says I'm crying cause I have to stay home with our sweeties:) lol

  7. OMIgosh! That is too funny! What would we do without all those "What the Heck?!?" days??? Life would be boring...right! HA! Ha!!! I'm definitely doing some "binder-izing" this summer also! (Is that a word?? lol)
    Christie :)
    First Grade Fever

  8. Your son is finishing up his last year at your school and my little boy is STARTING PRESCHOOL?!?!! How did that happen? I'm pretty sure I was just pregnant with him 2 days ago.
    And I'm on board with the children blog switch up- does that mean I can send some to you too?!?! haha :)


  9. All I can say is, thanks for the laughs, what a fun post.
    Jill Tales from second

  10. I can't believe you have groundhogs at your school!! That's so neat!

  11. 1. Oh my word can't believe he is going to middle school!
    2. I looked at that picture forever before I saw the groundhog. Just kept seeing "free bra" hahaha!!!
    3. I'm gonna steal that Elmer idea. What fun for the end of the year.
    4. I have NEVER cried at the end of the year and I'm quite sure this year won't be any different.
    5. That is all!


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