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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Come and Get It!!!!

Happy Sunday!
Is it Sunday?
How long have I been out of school?
Am I out?
Where am I?

Aye ye ye...What a whirlwind when school first lets out-

I was sleeping- VERY SOUNDLY this afternoon morning when the MR bursts into the room
like Kramer and yells-

"Man! How do you do it?!?!?!"
(Do what? Crap! Am I eating in my sleep again?)

" It must be awesome to be able to sleep in like that!!"
(Must be, don't know, I'M NOT SLEEPING ANYMORE!)

"Hey, your phone is going off like crazy so I brought it to you!"
(I know everyone you know - if it was an emergency- we would know by now.
But thanks for bringing it to me......that was sarcasm)

SO that was how my day started.
I drank a pot of coffee- no lie- the whole pot-
Then I ended up on Tpt (BIG MISTAKE)
I did get a few things that were in my wishlist

Anyone know a great deal on Epson 124 or 126 ink??? Office Depot and Wal-Mart are robbing me blind!
And the price of laminating pouches went up at Sam's! Any deals out there on those?

Speaking of great Deals-
Know how I have that Freebie Page on my blog?-
right up there

Well now everything that is on there is in my Tpt Store.
Everything that is in there is still a freebie.
I have to organize all of my goodies and see what I need before I start trying to make things of my own.
I just can't put my brain in gear to create  a unit when I see that Jen R or Reagan or Melissa has already done it and I just have to click, pay, print and VIOLA it's done!

I have created a few things- they are helpful to me-
if you would like them
here they are: Click on any pic to take you to my store

I think I am going to reprint them on a  different scrap paper and get some of that cutesy duct tape.

This way of organizing my class library has proved to be very efficient! It is simple. Simple to set up. Simple for them to choose books. Simple for them to replace books....just simple simple simple....did i mention simple? A description of how I use it is in store description and also on a post here somewhere.
Used these a lot this year.
I had them in a center , they chose to complete at least 1out of 3.
I had them in sub plans for time fillers, and I made some copies of them for students who were going out of town
that way they had daily practice.
I was VERY inspired by Mel at her Seusstastic blog- she has a great set of colorful reward tickets.
Unfortunately, I do not have free access to a color printer- so these are black and white
and best of all-
they are 2 inches by 2 inches- so instead of laminating- used packing tape- can't tell and much cheaper!
These are great!
 My little ones taught their families and animals some of the lingo from these posters- it was great to hear them!

So head on over to my Tpt- yes that is me as a Little Squirrel in the pic- and get what you need or like.
Maybe once I have accomplished some of the things from the list I posted yesterday- I will venture out to make other things.

Enjoy your Memorial Day with Friends and Family:)


  1. All of this looks fantastic! I really like the spelling cards.

    Apples and Papers

  2. LOL - on your shopping adventures on TpT. I know. I start looking for something and then get side tracked and the next the you know, I've been there for an hour or more. Very much like pinterest and blogs. :o)

  3. I hate when the bf does that!!! He always says "your phone's lighting up" and I'm always like "I don't care!!!!!"

  4. I am so jealous that you are out! 2 more days...your stuff looks fantastic. Going to get started on my to do list at the end of the week.

  5. Men just don't get it sometimes! If you really wanted to hear your phone, it would be right there next to you!! Thanks for the toolbox template. That's on my to do list for the summer!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  6. Well I woke up early today but that was due to my screaming muscles which are upset with me for doing some toning exercises yesterday lol.

    I just hope it's better by tomorrow when I'm with 1st graders!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  7. Phones are meant to be on silent while we are sleeping, right???

    Thanks so much for the toolbox template! That's on my bucket list this summer and this template will make it much easier!



    Fun in Room 4B


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