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Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Funnies

Oh man, I am EXhausted!!!
Yesterday was quite possibly the longest day ever-

And today my allergies made me all sneezy-
so I had to take medicine-
so then I was sneezy and sleepy.
and then I got aggravated
so I was sneezy and sleepy and snarky.
and then I had my limit
so I was sneezy and sleepy and snarky and snippity.

Sounds pretty icky right?
Well, in the spirit of Positive Polly-
My first bright spot of the day:
 There is nothing sweeter than our huge cinnamon rolls-
Really- look- it is bigger than my fork!
(There might be an extra charge on my lunch acct-
because this may not be the only one I ate-
however it is the only one that was photographed
and since pastries do not have DNA- I think I am safe) hee hee

 More  positives- here are some of the funnies from my week-
-------------------------Funny #1------------------------------

With it being Teacher Appreciation Week,
our PTO has sent a letter home that makes a list of things to do for your teacher.
Monday= something sweet /Tuesday=donate a new or used book to class etc.
I don't send those home.
I did my first year, but then I felt like I was asking for presents
(and they need to save their money for my BIG end of the year gift....hee   hee)

One of my sweeties walks in with this:

OK, I was freakin' out!
Who buys a gift for their teacher from there????

Hopefully, NO ONE!
It turns out, little miss forgot her lunch box the day before.
So this is how mom packed it.
I know, right?

-------------------------------------Funny #2-----------------------------------------

"Maria" comes in  with a note that she is going to be checked out early
because she has to go to the dr.
I asked if she is okay.
"There's a white ball in my throat. I was playing DR with my sister and she found it."

{What kind of ball?
Foam, Ping Pong, bouncy, bingo?!"! }

So sure enough, momma picks her up.
"Maria" comes back to school .

I ask
Well, what did the doctor say?

"They are either gonna pop it
they are gonna take out my lungs."

{Yes, her lungs}

She was super serious.
I was giggling on the inside.

And then it was "Haley" to the rescue!!!!!!

If it she had a super power, it would be 
The Ultra Consoling Hug!

She runs to pat backs, give hugs,
and spread love!!!

She starts to rub "Maria's" back

and in her super sweet firstie voice says-

"It's okay. When you get your lungs out, you get to eat A LOT of ice cream!!!"

(from what I gather, big brother had his lungs out this past summer)
There was no way that I could right this wrong

1) The innocence was priceless.
2) The consideration and love she shared was inspiring.

-------------------------------------------Funny #3-------------------------------------------

We have the math tutoring program Compass from Odyssey .
It is time for them to take the online Post test.
It is pretty long-
and it can take quite  a chunk of time.

It is not the end all be all
of testing,
It will just compare it to the pre test that they took earlier in the year.
Just a little window into their growth.

All I have to say is 
I look over and "Haley" is using her fingers
AND HER TOES while she is in the adding section.

They are not allowed to use "manipulatives" with the test.
"Manipulatives" can be stored on a shelf, in  a box.

Parents frown on your removing digits from their children and storing 

So I say,

It's called resourceful- Look it up!
I'm just thankful they didn't take this test during winter:)

Tomorrow is a busy work day for me- we have
6 and a half days left- so I am heading to the room
(after I sleep in)
to work in the quietness
Sleep tight!


  1. When I taught ELL in Nashville, my first class was like 90% hispanic. Apparently the year before one of the moms gave the teacher lingerie. The teacher's husband had been overseas in the military and I guess the parent thought they needed a little help getting pregnant. It must have been successful because the teacher wasn't there the next year. So I spent a year in fear that I would get some lingerie for a gift.
    I did get a "chanel" purse this year. It was pretty cute.
    I'm pretty jealous you only have 6 and a half days. We still have 11 days.
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

  2. So super cute, sweet, and too funny!!! I have a funny to share but mine came from a 4th gade boy mouth and well,...I can't put it here....well I could but don't want to....Ok, I'll tell you what he meant to ask and then you can figure it out.....this is what he meant to ask..."Mrs. Eiken, what's an invasive organism?" He only got one word wrong...the last was very inappropriate but I truly don't think he knew what he was saying....after I picked up my jaw I asked him where he heard that and to not repeat it and he said "why, I saw it in the science book.." Invasive organism, yes, in the science book...what he said, No! Anywho, your posts brighten up my day!!

    Too funny about the Victoria bag!! LOL!

    4th Grade Frolics


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