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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WHAT-THE-HECK!?!?!? Wednesday

Holy Crapazoli!
This time next week I'll be in Texas!
YEEE HAWWWW!- Couldn't resist- and I can throw no stones- I was raised in Tennessee.
Maybe you saw me on the Bachelorette this week when they were in DollyWood!
A few friends were able to spot me-  I was the one in the back wearing the visor and the
fanny pack- hee hee

All kidding aside-
Aww who the heck am I kidding with the kidding?
Let's get this week's WTH Wednesday rolling!!!

I've been meaning to show you this one since Mother's Day
but it was totally buried under the junk on my desk
I have been so consumed with work....

THis is the Mother's Day Card that I recd from the Littles this year-
(Keep in mind that none of the aforementioned Littles can drive or have a job- so
one can only assume that the MR was completely responsible for the
choosing and purchasing of this card.)

I think they are making fun of me.

I do not find the humor in me constantly repeating myself.
OK, now they have gone too far- "all Blogged Out" by Overshare??!?!
What the Heck? Don't they know that if Mommy didn't sneak to the office for a bit everyday to stalk and post that she instead would be all over them??? They should be singing the praises of this lil blog rather than mocking it.
Father's Day is around the corner- he has his coming.

Speaking of the MR
What THE HECK has made him think this is funny?

This is what he sends me?
I worked hard all day trying to make up for what I slacked on there towards the end of the school year! I find that mildly insulting-
(The funny thing is, I was only inspired to clean after the internet went down for a bit this morning because they are working on some lines down the street.....hee hee) don't tell.

All is fair in love and war and scrabble- you have to be fair when you play scrabble- quit making that word "QUA" no one ever uses it and it is just for points!

I have a little bit of a payback.
We went downtown to get our pool passes today.

Oh, yes, that's real- she printed it and did not make him a new one. This is what I live with folks!!

He drives me crazy.

You know what else drives me crazy?
Going to SUPER WAL-MART (art art art)...echo
where they have 34 registers right up front and only 3 of them are  ever open.
That drives me NUTS!
Especially when one of those lanes is the self check-out-
Don't like it- someone always has to come over and key something in
and I say "Hey, I am supposed to be doing this by myself!" It's not Team Check out.
The other lane is always that strange older lady who is just like the Target Lady from SNL.
She wants to look at everything in your cart and make a comment. Then tell you that one of her
cats died and how she hasn't had a break in 3 hours-

And you're thinking why don't you just go to the 20 items or less EXPRESS LANE?
Because (and yes I took a picture of them yesterday) these people are ALWAYS THERE!
WHy THE HECK are you in this line????
 You've seen this family.
OK, the dude in the front in the white Tshirt- he has already put in the 5 bags of stuff that the cashier has already scanned. The counter is full and there is still stuff in the cart!!!
Really? There are like 20 ears of corn in the cart- just with the corn you have hit your limit, little family-
either go talk to Cat Lady or scan it yourself- but you're holding me up!!!

And it wouldn't be a WTH Wednesday without checking in our our favorite little Eagle Family.

WHAT THE HECK is happening to them?
I'm worried.
 The nest is not getting any bigger. They have no room to move around! Food looks scarce. No one looks happy.

 Look, I  know I have said a few things about Mean Ol' Mama, but I don't want her heart to be broken. It just seems those overgrown babies have driven a wedge between her and the not that often present Dear Ol' Dad.

See, even the kids are trying to find ways to get away from each other......YOU KNOW THE OTHER TWO CAN STILL SEE YOU, RIGHT?  Do what's right, guys- go out- get a part time job- go off to birdie college- but you have to do something or Mama and Daddy are going to be splitsville and there's nothing worse than splitting the eaglets on the weekend!!!!

And my last WTH for the evening.

WHY THE HECK did I wait so long to get an iPhone??
I have had it for almost two weeks now-
and my favorite part? Not that I can check my email or google reader or message and face time with people-
Not because Siri is on standby ready to answer my questions. Not because it helps me text faster and seems to read my mind and type stuff in for me.
Nope none of those.They are all good reasons. But here is the reason I VERY BIG PUFFY HEART my iPhone:
 It's a game. I love it. He is so cute and the only thing cuter than him is his girlfriend Miranda!

 Miranda is the purple squirrel and she is quite an accomplishment if you can unlock her like me and my bud "M"- go "M"!
(and M if you are reading this or if anyone you know is reading this- let me just say it is worth holding out for the 10,000 coins so that you can get the gold coins to pop up in the upgrades- they are worth ten and make it go a little quicker for the other upgrades)

All right- I have plenty to be working on and it is only going to be today for a couple more hours- yikes- where the heck did the time go?

Hope you had a Wonderful Wednesday and that you look forward to a Thrilling Thursday!


  1. Your What the Heck Wednesdays ALWAYS crack me up! I feel like I've never commented on one before but I always love them!!

    I have the same Walmart register problem in that none are ever open! I usually only go to Walmart in the morning before school if I have to quickly pick up something, and they always only have the exact middle one open. Never one by the door so I can just get in and get out! Instead I run a mile to get to the register for my one item! Geez louise Walmart.

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. Hahaha I'm dying!! And your nails are soo pretty!! Why did it take you so long to get an iPhone??! I don't even attempt to type the words correctly anymore! My fav part about WTH Wednesday is that it means tomorrow is Thursday which is almost Friday!!!

  3. Yay for WTH Wednesday! I am going to download that app asap, my little zoos and such are getting boring. Yay for your husband actually going to the pool - mine always puts up a fuss because he has a farmer's tan. Well actually it's a soldier's tan from being in his uniform all day but hello it's a pool on base so every other guy has the same tan lines! Get over it already and swim with your kids so I can play on my phone :P

    Jennifer @ Heridng Kats In Kindergarten

  4. OH my word you crack me up with the Walmart stuff.....always annoying!!! Too funny you took a pic!!!!

    The eagle funny!!! I think they are staying around for you....what will you do when they leave...this has become part of your blog's too better contact momma and make sure she has some back up plans:)))

    Have fun in Texas!! Jealous!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  5. Ummm... I definitely just read this aloud to my mom and we were cracking up! You are too funny!

    Under the Alphabet Tree

  6. Hilarious post! That e-card is totally something my husband would send to me. I am glad that it isn't just my Wal-Mart that has the one check out open.

    Thinking Out Loud

  7. Would you cover this blog up? It's all naked and stuff. Sorry if you're stressing about it. Hope you figure it out! LOVE the card your littles gave you!!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  8. LOL LOL LOL!!! I can't stand Super Wal Mart. That place drives me nuts! I drive out of the way to avoid it if at all possible. Your What the Heck Wednesday was freakin' hilarious!!!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  9. You are so adorable and funny!

    I hope to meet you at the Texas bloggy meet-up! =)

    Heather's Heart

  10. LOVE your WTH Wednesday...
    Walmart makes me shake. I avoid it. It's my "last option because I can't find what I need anywhere else" place.

    Your husband makes you laugh while he drives you crazy... admit it! :D

    ❤Dragonflies in First ❤


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