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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Pulled an All- NIghter! Was it Worth It? You Be the Judge!

Alrighta Rootie-

Let's play a game!

 The game is called-

Who didn't get any sleep last night?

Wait for it

Wait for it...


I am a sleepy chick!

(I love this picture and I have been trying to figure out how to work it in for the last three months! BINGO!)

Although I am sure I ran  a close second with Jen R. - she was up too- but I am pretty sure she wasn't
crafting :(

I was though.
After I finished posting, I started gluing and cutting and pressing and gluing some more!
I think it turned out well!

First let me say that this project was brought to you by the letter P and the number 1.
P because I found the DIY "destructions" on Pinterest
and #1 because it only took about 1 hour to complete it!

Lucky for you, I took pictures:
The directions I had were for a set of drawers that were very similar- but not exactly the same.
So I will show you mine and then hers.

These are the two that I needed to "purti-fy".
I really needed to
 concentrate on what was  inside of them,
but you know how I am.

First I was going to go with these colors, but then the brown didn't seem so cheery, so I decided that I had wasted 20 minutes and went on to pick a new set of colors.

This is the new set of colors.

Depending on what kind of drawers you have, you might have to do some measuring. I was lucky. I just put the sheet in, marked the top, and then cut it on my cutter.

I just took a coordinating color, folded a strip in half and then cut  it to make a scallop. Then I used it as a tracer.

Worked out well

I gooped up the inside of the drawer, right at the top, with the Modge Podge.

I have seen some who used the paintbrush- it was just easier to use my fingers.

I added the glue to the designed side of the scallop.

I lined it up at the top- the indention for pulling the drawer out is on the front so I didn't have to worry about cutting here.

I went ahead and poured some in the rest of the front and smushed it around.

A li'l dab'll do ya!

I put my large paper in- design down.

I added a little more glue and pressed it down.

Now the front of my drawers have this wide 2' strip over the handle. So I cut a piece about 5" so that it could go over the top.

It is added to the front, but then I smoothed it over the top and pressed it into the inside of the drawer.

 I thought it would make it look a little cleaner.

So here are the first three drawers, It is a little hard to tell that it all coordinates because it is still gooey.

Now they are dry and glossy.

Here is one set.

The set on the right is the second one I did.The colors are all from the same pack- but I like how I did the one on the right better.
 They don't match my classroom at all- so they will live in the office here at home- It was really pretty easy!
Here is the pin that inspired the madness at 1:30am-
It comes from

 And here is Truman at around 6am, trying to figure out the sun is up and why he hasn't gotten in the big warm bed yet. He was not a happy pup.

I was so disoriented by my lack of sleep that I called Chickadee home from her sleepover so that we could go to her ortho appt.
They have that cool "Check in" thing- they won't let you check in if you are more that 30 minutes early for an appt.
So she comes over and says "Mama (yes, she still calls me Mama) it says we are too early"
Uh oh. What is today? Oops.
"Oh, honey, I think your appt might be tomorrow!"
Low and behold- it is.
So I am going to sleep tonight so I can catch up on what day it is!!!

 Tomorrow we are heading (to the ortho of course) and then to get our pool passes.
I have got to get some sun before my trip- I don't want Fred or Daphne to catch me in their ghost net when
I put my shorts on!

Have a great day tomorrow- where ever you are!

(Oh, and my Mother in Law ordered 12 cozies and I haven't even opened my shop yet!!!)


  1. Those turned out really turned out really cute. You should make some for me! I'll bring you coordinating paper on the 22nd! Hehehehe!!!

  2. Love the drawers! I am thinking about making some but I really really really don't need to add anything to my summer to do list

    Pocket Full of Kinders

    Shuna P

  3. I love, love, looooove, the drawer design. It is so fun I wish I had drawers to decorate. I might have to purchase a set just so I can this.

    Hope you get good sleep tonight.


  4. Love the drawers...very crafty! I need to organize some things in my home office. I think I may need to get some drawers and make them pretty like you did.

    Thinking Out Loud

  5. I love Mod Podge! You did a great job! Love 'em!

    First Grade Blessings and Butterflies

  6. So pretty! I love the way yours look.

    But I might be too lazy to do my own. Maybe you should come visit.

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  7. So worth the all nighter!! The drawers look wonderful! Going to go check it out.

  8. They are so stinkin' cute! Tell that pooch it was the long night!!!
    Christie :)
    First Grade Fever

  9. Sounds like you have A LOT of travel plans this Summer and you better pack your modge podge so they don't all riot. Really cute drawers!

  10. Staci, you MAKE ME LAUGH. I am in serious need of laughs these days. You are now my go-to girl. It was the picture and comment about Truman that got me going.



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